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At YouDo, we collaborate with you to identify pain points, experiment with ideas and outline a strategy that works. Our combined years of industry experience and genuine passion for the work we carry out allows an in-depth view into your needs.

Our highly knowledgeable team are project driven, pragmatic and communicative. We’ll work with you to improve productivity and reach your desired outcome in weeks, not years.



Working with YouDo combines business agility and your strategic alignment - helping you confront the unknown and move forward with our experienced team to connect your strategy, outcomes and execution. At YouDo, we understand business models and have the ability to develop high-quality solutions while identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Delivered HERE IN NZ

We've worked with a wide range of great NZ businesses to deliver complete and highly effective solutions. Our roots are in complex systems and agile software delivery - work with us to bring the technology that's at our core to you. 




• Data Analytics

• Evolutionary Architecture

Open Source Software

Software Delivery

• Continuous Delivery

• Cloud or In-House

• Lean Organisation

• Rapid Prototyping

• Agile Delivery

• Information Flow Analysis

• Industry SLAs

• Quality Assurance

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At YouDo we bring a new perspective to data. Using data science techniques, we’re able to extract knowledge, discover hidden patterns and draw conclusions from sets of data to derive actionable insights. We call it Decision Science.

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We have extensive experience in electricity and gas; from collecting and processing meter data to applying data visualisation and analytics. Our industry and application experience allows us to quickly analyse the challenge and then deliver high-quality outcomes.

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SOFTWARE Development

We have developed software solutions since 2007. We have clever, passionate people who understand business models and develop solutions. We can develop your software so you can execute new opportunities in your market.

We provide solutions on desktop, tablets, mobile iOS and Android.

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YouDo helps financial institutions innovate, streamline workflows and enhance customer interactions. Here we apply our knowledge in transaction processing and integration which is supported by our markets knowledge, helping you stay ahead of the game.

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