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We are your software and digital transformation specialists. Partnering with our clients, YouDo’s talented team turn smart ideas into smart business solutions, designing and building elegant cloud based applications. Based on open source technology, the applications we build and IP we generate belongs to our customer at the end of the project.

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Our history

We have lived and breathed Energy since our establishment in 2007. Working across the Transmission, Distribution, Retail and Wholesale Market sectors, our 20+ strong team bring experience and knowledge to every project we undertake.

With a focus on productivity, trading platforms and innovation, we provide solutions where it counts.

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Trade offer

We help companies protect their position by identifying the next big market challenge and designing a solution for it.


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Examples of our Previous work

Our clients range from some of the largest corporates to small, innovative start-ups. Our customer's requirements are diverse and often complex, and we pride ourselves on the ability to create bespoke software solutions that work for a wide variety of companies in different industries. We’ve been developing and delivering custom software for over a decade, and through experience and ongoing relationships, know what makes businesses, large or small, tick. Here is a sample of what we have done;

  • Deal Capture system

  • Mixed integer programming & supervised learning

  • Peer to Peer Lending Platforms

  • Cyptro-asset trading platforms

  • Wholesale broking platforms

  • Customer signup tools

  • Workflow optimisation tools

  • Corporate Dashboards

  • New Zealand’s Natural Gas Exchange

  • Network Constraints Notifications System

  • Market Notifications System

  • Carbon Trading Platform

  • Demand Response Management System

  • Price Stack Analysis Tool

  • Energy Retail platforms

  • Energy Futures Bid Preparation Tool


"This project has gone by effortlessly - really shows that you've got a great team down there!" - Large NZ energy generator

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