Case studies

We have worked with great clients for more than ten years. Here are the results.


Business Excellence Architects (BEA) help organisations improve the processes, systems and underlying technology that deliver their core value proposition and power their business model. To assist in this, BEA knew innovation was needed in making help systems actually helpful, accessible navigable and capable of evolving with the organisations’ agility.

When it came to making an industrial strength solution, BEA turned to YouDo because of their unrivalled expertise in the technology stack BEA identified as being the future of these solutions


YouDo are specialists in taking data sets and gaining actionable insights using data science techniques. A prime example of this is a demonstration that YouDo did at the 2017 Energy Trader Forum in Wellington, where we presented our “Guess Who” application.

The “Guess Who” application was designed to look at anonymized offers on the energy spot market and determine who the generator is by looking at the grid exit points (GXP), price and megawatt (MW) offering.


Rodger Nixon, one of New Zealand’s pioneer software entrepreneurs (best known as a founder of the Christchurch company that created EXSYS), writes a case study on his new venture - The Open Data Model. Check out how YouDo has worked with Rodger to bring The Open Data Model to life over that past few years…

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Is it time to ditch the humble spreadsheet? Excel is an amazing tool. Businesses big and small love Excel as it is simple to use, powerful and versatile. More often than not a business is run in some part by a spreadsheet. Whether it is powering your accounting functions, customer management, data analytics or pricing, it can be critical to your day to day operations.

Often starting out with a simple application in mind, many spreadsheets grow in complexity over time, with more functions, processes and use cases being added to the original idea. As the spreadsheet becomes more and more useful, people across the company want access to this spreadsheet, and so the sharing begins.


Feature 1

Transpower implemented a Demand Response (DR) programme in 2011, allowing electricity consumers to reduce their electricity demand for a period of time in exchange for a payment. YouDo developed a Demand Response Management System to enable them to Manage this…


To Build or to Buy? When businesses look to upgrade their software, automate a process or do something new/ different they often go to market in search for a software application that is fit for purpose. Depending on the type of application they are looking for, there is likely to be solutions that either cater completely for their needs or are close enough that they can ‘fudge’ the last 10%.

How about the case where you are trying to do something new, or add features to an existing solution set….and suddenly you are trying to ‘fudge’ the last 20 to 30%?


Feature 2

Harmoney, the first peer to peer lender in New Zealand was founded by Neil Roberts in 2001 with bold ambitions and a game-changing vision: to turn lending upside down by introducing a marketplace finance model that changes the way Kiwis think about money, for good.


New Zealanders lack engagement in their wealth management or retirement savings plans. Research has uncovered Kiwisaver statistics showing that 55% of Kiwisaver investors remain in the default income funds, yet 79% of those same investors have over 10 years to go before retirement. This implies that most of those invested in Kiwisaver have not shifted out of their assigned default fund, and do not understand the implications of remaining in the default low risk income funds. The Financial Market Authority (FMA) is very keen to address this and the have been active in expressing their desire to grant exemptions for Robo advice platforms.

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Feature 3

Qotient is a Digital Sales Analytics platform that helps companies drive cost out of and insight into their channel sales activities and investment. YouDo developed Qotient’s initial cloud-based sales acceleration platform, designed to provide sales content to partner channels globally.

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What is Robo advice?

Robo advice is a term used to describe a web based tool that gives investment advice, based on your goals, appetite for risk, social conscience and interests. A robo advice platform is designed to actively manage and build a diversified portfolio, make trades to keep on track and perhaps even reduce your tax bill through loss harvesting….