What do YouDo do?

What do YouDo do?

By Quentin Griffiths

Perhaps the most common question that we get asked when meeting people is "what do YouDo do?".  Even after skimming through our website, not everyone fully understands the awesomeness that is YouDo!  So, let me try set the record straight and give you an insight to the real YouDo. 

First of all, we are not the job site that is advertised on the radio...even though they share the same name, the spelling is completely different (www.yudu.co.nz).  Instead, we are a bespoke software firm, who develops solutions to meet our clients need.

Corporate jargon aside - what does bespoke software development actually mean? 

Essentially it means that we have a team of talented software developers based in our Wellington office who build software for our clients.  The solutions that we build ranges from a simple application to automate a mundane task, to a fully integrated wholesale brokering platform.  

Some examples of our previous work include; 

  • Electricity retailing platforms
  • Half-hourly billing engines
  • Meter data reconciliation
  • Data visualization (various industries)
  • Dashboards (various industries)
  • Reporting engines (various industries)
  • Invoice generation
  • Mixed integer programming & supervised learning 
  • Peer to Peer Lending Platforms (finance)
  • Crypto-asset trading (blockchain)
  • Wholesale broking platforms
  • Customer on boarding/ signup tools (various industries)
  • Workflow optimisation tools (various industries)
  • Process re engineering and automation (various industries)
  • Product build (from the ground up!)
Essentially - If you can describe your requirements in English, then YouDo can build it.

How do YouDo work?

YouDo follow the Agile methodology for all of the work that we do as it encourages collaboration and provides an iterative delivery process to ensure that we are correctly translating your requirements into a tangible solution. 

We have a diverse and talented range of individuals, who come from mixed backgrounds.  This gives us access to a vast knowledge base, allowing us to review and challenge your proposed solution or thinking, to ensure that you get the best outcome.

Our team are flexible and can work alongside your internal IT team, or break out into a separate project focused team to deliver you a solution.

Some of the team enjoying a shared lunch - we have grown since then!

Some of the team enjoying a shared lunch - we have grown since then!

Why would we go with YouDo when we have a large IT team?

We often get confronted with the question - "Why would we use YouDo when we have an IT team?".

Good question!  What we commonly see is that a businesses internal IT team are tied up with Business as Usual (BAU) tasks and may not have the resource to deliver projects on time or on budget.  

This is where we come in.  Where you have a stand alone project, or a chunk of a project that you want to get delivered on time, you can count on the YouDo team.  We dedicate resource to your project to ensure it is developed in an efficient & timely manner.  As this is our primary focus, our team do not get caught up in your day to day BAU tasks and can therefore focus on the project at hand.  This works well for our customers, with YouDo delivering projects in half the time of internal teams.

It is not our goal to replace your IT team, instead we are here to support you to achieve your end goal.

How do you approach projects?

When taking on a project, YouDo like to break it into three key phases;

  1. Discovery Phase - this is where we work through your requirements, document them and provide a proposal for the work required.
  2. Solutions Phase - here we build a minimum viable product for you, to release to a limited/ friendly audience to start using.  The feedback from this stage determines the changes required to make this a production ready product.
  3. Implementations Phase - finally we release the tool into your environment.

What are our Company Values?

Our goal is to help complex businesses tick by delivering best of class bespoke software in a safe and innovative way.

Core Values;

  1. Communication - Transparent and Honest.
  2. Growth - Personal growth & opportunity to learn new skills that will serve through their career.
  3. Better Together - Achieve our goals and have fun as a team.
  4. Integrity- Customer focused and always do right by the customer.

Where are your developers?

The entire YouDo team are located in Wellington New Zealand.


How can YouDo help your business?

If you could wave a magic wand and get rid of the top three issues within your business, what would these issues be?  Give us insight to what you are struggling with and tell you how we can help.

Looking for a software product or service which does not exist?  Why not consider building it with us?

Want to automate manual tasks whilst integrating with your existing systems?  We can help.

Interested to know what is possible?  Contact us today for a chat.