Welcome Igor!

Welcome Igor!

YouDo are excited to welcome Igor Rashyn to our team!  Originating from Ukraine and moving to New Zealand 4 years ago, Igor brings a wealth of knowledge with him.  With a Masters in Economics and a Masters in Fluid Mechanics, Igor has a strong technical and business background.

As a graduation project, Igor worked on a satellite project designing a netting that was fitted inside of a satellite to balance the external temperature, by circulating a special fluid through the net…  That is my dumbed down explanation so make sure to ask him about it…it is seriously cool!

After Uni and the satellite project, Igor spent time as a Business Analyst for an IT company in Ukraine.  Igor has also worked in web development, assisting with a marketing campaign for a political party and has done sales for a metal company.

Following this, Igor turned his hand to software development and has been coding for 3+ years.  Igor has specialities in JavaScript and C# (after attending a development camp).

Outside of work Igor enjoys reading books, watching Art house movies, playing football, travelling, snow boarding and hiking.  

Welcome Igor, you are a get asset to our team!