Is it time to ditch the humble spreadsheet?

Excel is an amazing tool. Businesses big and small love Excel as it is simple to use, powerful and versatile. More often than not a business is run in some part by a spreadsheet. Whether it is powering your accounting functions, customer management, data analytics or pricing, it can be critical to your day to day operations. …

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Welcome Ayesha!

Originally from Kuala Lumpur and having lived in NZ for nearly 10 years, Ayesha is a regular Welly local, attending Upper Hutt College.  

After college, Ayesha headed south to Otago University to gain a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (major) and Information Science (minor) before joining YouDo. Working on both front-end and back-end development (plus system admin), Ayesha is an all-rounder.

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